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Here at Rozi Tech, I offer digital management services  – I can host, manage, and design your website and social media for small business or for personal use. Long gone will be the days where your website sits stagnant, painted up in drab colors, your latest Facebook post being an old promotion from years ago. With my help, we can ensure that your website will stay stylish, up to date, and functional. 

Below is the price sheet. The billing is a lot like what you would see at a mechanic’s shop; you pay for “parts” and you pay for “labor.” My labor fee varies depending on the task, but is always billed in 15 minute increments.


What Is It?


Domain Registering

A domain is a website’s address.  To own it we have to register it as ours, much like you have to register a car and get a license plate. Part of this service is also getting the address tied to the hosting service. 

Parts: It varies on the domain, but averages to about $15 a year. If you pay for several years up front, you will save on labor.

Labor fee applies.

Website Hosting and Setup

Website hosting is your website’s storage location, and the setup entails quite a few technical things that the layman has trouble setting up, like email, DDOS Protection, an security certificates.

Parts:$15 a month for hosting, $3 a month for email, $1 a month for daily backups, all paid a year at a time minimum. $12 for a lifetime security certificate and $10 for lifetime DDOS Protection.

Small labor fee for setup.

Website Design

I’ll build your website, with all the features, graphics, etc.

Parts: WordPress is included in the hosting, so unless you want a premium service/theme, nothing. My graphics are made of public domain images, so unless you want me to find you something very specific, nothing.

Labor is the bulk of what you’ll pay here.

Website Management

I’ll post content on the site for you, send out newsletters, manage products if you own a shop, add forms, and keep your calendar up to date, among other things.

Labor fee only.

Social Media Management

I’ll manage your social media for you and post content, as well as interact with commenters to answer questions and redirect them to customer service if needed.

Labor fee only.

Social Media Website Match Package

I’ll adapt the graphics from the website to fit social media so both will match.

Labor fee only.

SEO Optimization

I’ll make sure your website shows up on Google and other search engine results and stays high ranking.

$20 a month if payed monthly, $15 a month if payed at least a year in advance. This includes labor.

Social Media Advertising

I’ll run all of your Facebook/Instagram ads. I can also design them for an additional fee.

Your advertising budget plus labor.

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